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All You Need To Know About Freezers

A freezer may appear to be a straightforward device, as all you need it for is to keep your food cold. When you start looking for a freezer, you’ll immediately learn that it’s a lot more complicated. Freezers are available in a wide range of styles and capacities, with a surprising number of features and […]

refrigerator in kenya

What to look for in a New Refrigerator

If a family’s house is its universe, the refrigerator is its sun. Everything revolves around it, from grab-and-go breakfasts to nutritious lunches and family dinners. That’s why purchasing a new refrigerator is such a significant event. Everything from the configuration and proportions to the finishes and specific features must be considered. Of course, there’s no […]


Top 10 Best Water Dispensers in Kenya

Are you looking for the greatest water dispensers money can buy in Kenya? If that’s the case, this article is for you. If money is no object, here is a list of the ten best dispensers available today. 1. Ramtons RM/576 When it comes to home appliances, Ramtons is a household name in Kenya. And, […]

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser in Kenya

One appliance that is commonly found in workplaces and public settings is the water dispenser. Many manufacturers are releasing versions with enhanced features as a result of its ubiquitous presence. While this gives buyers additional options, it can also make it difficult for them to determine which product to purchase. Here are some things to […]

Refrigerator Brands in Kenya

Top 5 Most Reliable Refrigerator Brands in Kenya

The most popular refrigerator brands in Kenya have changed throughout time, but the most trustworthy refrigerator brands have remained consistent. Our consumers want to know which refrigerator brand lasts the longest and which one has the fewest difficulties. A decent refrigerator is an important investment, and a defective one can lead to a variety of […]

Difference between android tv, smart tv and digital tv in kenya

Android TV, Smart TV and Digital Tv What Is the Difference?

In the world of Everchanging technology, many people may find it difficult to distinguish between Android, smart, and Digital tv. However, one common feature of a Television set is the ability to receive digital Tv signals. So, what is the difference between this TV’s? Digital Tv A digital Tv is a Tv set that uses […]

android tv kenya

When to buy an android TV over Smart TV?

Buying a television set is no longer as simple as it used to be. When you needed to buy a TV two decades ago, you simply went to your local TV store and completed the transaction in one day. Modern televisions, on the other hand, have an excessive amount of features and complex technology, necessitating […]

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